Enhancing their Corporate Social Responsibility Program, Quality Group and their partners, are organizing a Voluntary Blood Donation on Monday, July 18, 2022, between the hours of 4:30 p.m. – 6:30pm, at the Radisson Blu Hotel Larnaca, at Scala Room, on the 16th floor.

Once again, the group of companies, proves the human values that govern both the management team as well as all members of staff. Having as main principle the fact that, Quality Group always gives back to society and to our fellow humans, everyone who would like to devote 20 minutes of their time – which we may say are capable of saving a life - is invited to attend this particular blood donation.

"We must consider that it only takes a few minutes to donate blood which can be life-saving for a fellow human in danger or valuable for a child that may be in urgent need for a blood transfusion. Let's all be there and together let's make a difference!" mentioned, the Founder and CEO of Quality Group, Mr. Savvas Kakos.

It is worth mentioning that this initiative has been established in the group with the active participation of all members of staff and the group of volunteers which was created a few years ago in collaboration with the Cyprus Blood Centre.
At the same time, such actions are in line with the company's health sector which develops and provides health services, known as Quality Medical. This sector, which is developing at a rapid pace, invests intensively in the quality provision of health services offered by the "Holy Cross" Hospital in Larnaca.

For more information you can call 80007766.
*The use of a protective mask is necessary, based on the protocols and decisions of the Council of Ministers as announced on 06/07/2022.

T: 8000 7766
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