Quality Group, which is a dynamically evolving group with a strong presence in key sectors of the economy,

has proceeded to the creation of an Advisory Board in the context of the development and expansion of its field of activity, with the long-term goal of continuously upgrading quality services that it offers with high standards and with the main focus on professional responsibility, respect and its service to its customers and society.

This is a body that will advise, but also will actively participate in decisions of the Group that operates on four strong pillars of the Cypriot economy, in its framework: specifically the Quality Group deals with land development (QUALITY DEVELOPMENT), the hotel industry (QUALITY HOSPITALITY / SUNNY SEEKER HOSPITALITY), the medical sector (QUALITY MEDICAL) and education (QUALITY EDUCATION).

The Board begins its action with the participation of three prominent personalities. They are Dr. Leontios Kostrikis, Professor of Biological Sciences at the University of Cyprus and Head of the Laboratory of Biotechnology and Molecular Virology, Dr. Xenia I. Loizidou Civil Engineer and Coastal Engineer, Dr. Georgios Panos, Pathologist and Epidemiologist.

On the issue of the creation of the Advisory Board, the President and CEO of Quality Group Mr. Savvas Kakos said: "I think it is time to put into practice everything we have said for so many years and move forward with the three magic words. The English usually say "Location, location, location" when discussing real estate investments. We at the Quality Group have changed the slogan and say "Vision, vision, vision". This is our philosophy. I firmly believe that without vision you can not go anywhere. It all starts with having the insight to see the future, but above all to do what you have to do right, so that you can achieve whatever goal you set in your life. Achieving the realisation of a vision requires faith, dedication, passion. It also requires readiness for change, new ideas, new approaches, innovations and even subversive thoughts and practices.

In the context of these processes, which for us are a daily process, the idea for the creation of the Advisory Board emerged. We have created the Advisory Board and we have already agreed with distinguished personalities who will accompany us in the process of realising our vision, creating something important and significant. This body will not have a decorative character, but an essential presence. It will be a living organism, evolving and expanding into both individuals and fields of action.

I am convinced that we have found a way to deal with the unfavourable economic aspect of the pandemic, with similar blows for our country. The times are tough, but we will not let a virus defeat us, so we will contribute drastically to the creation of the Advisory Board, for the development and implementation of innovative technological and business ventures, in collaboration with eminent scientists, with the provision of financial support and infrastructure, like any other need, and primarily in a responsible way.

I welcome with special joy and great satisfaction Dr. Leontios Kostrikis, Dr. Xenia I. Loizidou and Dr. Georgios Panos to our family, the Quality Group. I feel the need to express my public thanks to them, for their positive and enthusiastic response to our call. The fresh wind of change is already here. We have already started the discussion with Dr. Kostrikis for an idea that he has and an impressive study that accompanies it. The reason for the creation of a "Technopolis". A project we called "The Larnaca TeQnopolis Project" and for which we have already started work. Believe me, "TeQnopolis" is just the beginning of a new course of action".

Regarding his participation in the Advisory Board, Dr. Leontios Kostrikis said: "For me this is a very important day because I have the opportunity to participate and broaden my horizons in a place very different from the world of academic science. Through my many years of friction with academic science, I have shaped the philosophical view that the world of academic science is completely different and independent of that of business. This perception collapsed when I had the opportunity to meet Mr Savvas Kakos. Through our extensive discussion, I realized that not only are these two worlds connected, but they also have a great synergy with which they can work wonders together. It has become clear to me that the two-way exchange of knowledge between scientific research, business and the wider society is possible to harmonize perfectly, bringing a great benefit to our country. The catalyst in shaping the new perception of things was the honesty, persuasiveness, enthusiasm, honesty and the great vision of Mr. Kakos for the future of his businesses and our country.

Current events around the world have shown even more that the development of knowledge is the key to the future of both humanity and of the immediate economy. A concrete example is the technology parks that offer technological development and innovation with business prosperity. Technology parks or "Technopolis" are infrastructures where scientists can hatch a business based on science, always having at their disposal the necessary business infrastructure. These company hatcheries provide the opportunity to create international technology companies with great business profit. A concrete example of the value that technology parks offer in a country is Singapore, which is about the size of Larnaca. Cyprus and Singapore have many similarities in modern history. Take Singapore, despite British colonialism, the problems of unemployment and the lack of natural resources it faced after its independence from Malaysia. Its technology parks have helped it both financially and in its emergence as one of the most advanced and Innovative countries in the world in digital technology. As for Singapore, so for our country too, the fact that the creation and development of a technology park, a Technopolis coming from a private sector, will be crucial.

I hope that the spirit of entrepreneurship inherent in its inspirers and investors will be automatically cultivated in the goals of existence and in the actions of the technology park. Our goal for the immediate future is to work hard studying additional successful examples abroad, in order to create the most successful Technopolis model for our country. In other words, our goal is to form a Technopolis, which will offer young and outstanding scientists of Cyprus, but also worldwide, building infrastructure, financial support and legal guidance, for the development and implementation of innovative technological and business ideas".

For her part, Dr. Xenia I. Loizidou stated: "It is a great honour for me that this proposal was made to me. I have been in the field of sustainability for 30 years. When we talk about sustainable development, we mean balanced coexistence. Sustainable development has three pillars. The first is the economy, the second is society and the third is the environment. It is this balanced development between the three axes that determines the strength of the systems. Covid-19 came and we have realised that if we do not change course and if we do not enter a framework of sustainability, then our systems will collapse and will continue to collapse, because we do not have the immune system to react to disaster, to climate change. Climate change is everywhere and the various viruses are the result of climate change. If we do not stop the scourge of climate change then we will continue to have various pandemics. What is starting now is amazing and I am participating with so much enthusiasm and it is my great honour. It takes three things to start doing something: Innovation, Leadership and Resources. What Mr. Savvas Kakos gives is the whole package and will change the game, not only in Cyprus, but also in the wider area. Quality Group has proven that all these years up to now, it has been looking forward. I am sure that he will excel in this field as well".

Finally, regarding his participation in the Advisory Board of the Quality Group, Dr. Georgios Panos stated: “When I heard the vision of Mr. Savvas Kakos I was excited because he had a pillar that was dedicated to medical science. It is a vision that many scientists have and includes medicine in it, to make Cyprus stronger and more important. It is an opportunity that should not be missed and that is why I joined this team to develop this effort and it is certain that it will perform and give a tremendous excellent quality in the service of medicine for all citizens. The vision is common to many scientists. He has the package to be able to realise another vision in medical science, which was missing from Cyprus because there is room for much more and thank you very much for this proposal".

Following the announcement of the participation of these three personalities in the Advisory Board, the Quality Group is expected to make new announcements regarding the participation of other prominent personalities in the Advisory Board.

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