A new era begins for the city of Larnaca after the promotion of the integrated development of Larnaca's Port and Marina with the joint venture of Israeli interests was agreed on Wednesday the 26th February 2020.

Quality Group, established among the pioneers in the field of land development and investment in the city of Larnaca, welcomes this deal, expressing satisfaction and confidence that its vision of investing in this city for three decades is being reinforced by this enormous development worth over 1 billion Euros.

The project includes port infrastructure, marina, land reconstruction and development, road network, green areas, parks and pedestrian walkways as well as residential units, catering and leisure facilities and other social developments over a period of 10 to 15 years, with additional annual financial activities taking place only in Larnaca.  

Quality Group is convinced that the implementation of the Port-Marina Integrated Development project will elevate Cyprus but mainly Larnaca. "All the data is in favour. Cyprus is changing course and is becoming a modern state. If we take proper advantage of the natural wealth's blessing and do not turn it into a curse, if we take advantage of our geographical location, then we may become a new Singapore or a new Hong Kong or a new Dubai in a much improved version", stated Mr. Savvas Kakos, president and CEO of Quality Group , adding that the deal opens new horizons and offers the city of Zenon a significant upgrade while contributing to the development of tourism on the island.

Quality Group promises to continue the anthropocentric approach to sustainable development and modernisation of Larnaca, bringing about economic, environmental and social change in Larnaca and Cyprus.

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