Quality Group has successfully organised “Quality Property Expo 2019”, an innovative property expo, never before seen in Cyprus.

The expo took place from Friday the 28th until Sunday the 30th of June at QBlu Plaza, Radisson Blu Hotel Larnaca.
This unique concept generated a massive interest by the public, as over 3000 individuals visited the expo. Visitors had the opportunity to choose from 226 available properties set at extremely low prices, as well as other special expo prices of properties from the enormous portfolio of the group.

In the context of the expo, over 100 purchase agreements were made, while the demand for properties with specific characteristics and specifications, has gone beyond 1000 requests.
The visitors mix consisted individuals mainly from Cyprus, as well as Greece, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, UK and Russia.


qpropertyexpo main

A particular interest by the public, was expressed for the Virtual Reality station that was set up to show the visitors a virtual walkthrough and a realistic experience of the property they were interested in.

Following the conclusion of Quality Property Expo 2019, the draft for the 15 gifts competition took place, as the winners will be announced in the following days.

Mr. Savvas Kakos, President & CEO of Quality Group commented: " Before anything else, I would like to express my honest gratitude towards the people who responded to our calling and attend the Quality Property Expo 2019. We have taken the risk to proceed to such actions, always bearing in mind the following:

A. We wanted to offer to the public, properties set at extremely low prices, showcasing our respect and appreciation towards the local market. The fact that several individuals have found a new home or have invested in properties, is just superb.
B. We wanted our return to the local market to happen in a spectacular way, primarily carrying a variety of property proposals in competitive prices.
C. We have documented the actual demand and orientation of the public, in relation to their housing preferences.
D. Although Quality Group is an organisation who continuously grows and evolves, it still wishes to serve the public which originally helped the company to reach the goals of today and tomorrow. The group is always willing to discuss and find solutions that really serve the needs and wants of clients.

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