Cyprus - Arab Business Congress & Exhibition  takes place between the 30th until the 1st of June at QBlu Plaza, Radisson Blu Hotel Larnaca.

In the context of the Cyprus - Arab Business Congress & Exhibition which takes place between the 30th until the 1st of June at QBlu Plaza, Radisson Blu Hotel Larnaca, stakeholders from various professional bodies from Cyprus and the Middle East are gathered to participate and discuss the key challenges, opportunities and developments for the business, real-estate and the health tourism industries.

Mr. Savvas Kakos, President and CEO of Quality Group, had the opportunity to present to the participants and audience of the Cyprus – Arab business Congress & Exhibition the latest facts and figures for the real-estate industry in Cyprus, as well as answer the growing and popular question, Why Cyprus and Why Larnaca as an investment Hub.


Larnaca and in accordance Cyprus, are becoming a focal point for the business elite from the Middle East and Gulf countries, thus initiatives to “shield” the momentum that currently exists are crucial. Important incentives are offered by the government and official bodies, in an effort to attract investments on all sectors of the economy that will eventually take the country to the next level.

Quality Group participated in the exhibition with its own booth to demonstrate the diversification and the latest developments of the group, which in all aspects, put in motion the common efforts to change the face of Larnaca.

You can download the full presentation HERE that was presented at the congress.

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