In line with its corporate social responsibility policy, Quality Group and the Larnaka Municipality held a press conference to present their shared vision for making Larnaka a Green city, a city that will become a point of reference for citizens and tourists.

Quality Group in collaboration with the local authorities, has taken the initiative to transform the face of Despinas & Nikou Pattichi avenue into a unique green scenery with street and road landscape design, topiary art and public sitting areas.

The company wants to enhance the efforts of the mayor and the municipality, to help the citizens in believing that the city can change and for them to have an innovative green project which they can feel proud of.

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In his introductory speech, the Mayor of Larnaka, Mr. Andreas Vyras congratulated Quality Group for the initiative to answer the calling for a collective effort that will revitalise and strengthen the green scenery of our city. He added that this kind of efforts are vital for the city and the people, as they become active and productive citizens who participate in communities and respect the environment, they live in.


The president and CEO of Quality Group Mr. Savvas Kakos, stated that the intention of the Group is to give back to the community of Larnaka, not because of just another CSR policy, but because of the faith and appreciation the group and its people have towards the city.
The entire process for the rejuvenation of the area will commence on the 1st of March and it will take approximately 4 months for completion.

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Quality Group will bare all the expenses as well as a 2-year maintenance, before delivering the project to the municipal authorities.
The support of the community by local authorities and private companies is a sign of appreciation and respect towards the citizens, who strive to see Larnaka transform into the modern European city it deserves to be.

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