Following the successful campaign that managed to collect €4.400 for the Larnaca Social Grocery, Quality Group decided to donate an extra amount of €2.200 to “Agios Georgios-Christakis Chasapis foundation” for children with heavy mental and physical disabilities.

Quality Group had the opportunity to visit the foundation and see up close the daily difficulties of the children and the adults, but also the remarkable efforts that are made by the staff and the management

The foundation began operations in 1992, but due to the specialized and extensive care that the children needed, in 2000 it has been established as a 24-hour care centre, the only one of its kind in Larnaca.

“Agios Georgios-Christakis Chasapis”, operates under three programs:

  • Daycare: from 7:30 am to 16:00, which includes children with special needs aged 3 and above
  • Children's Home: Accommodation for children from 3-18
  • Adults Home: Accommodation for adults from 18 and above

Today, 18 children are served by the foundation daily, with 10 of those accommodated at a permanent base.

grocery larnaka inner

Mr. Christakis Mallas, the head of the foundation, after congratulating Quality Group for the initiative said, “our goal is to provide care to individuals with severe physical and mental disabilities. Those people cannot participate in today's' society as we know it and will not get the care they need from anyone except our institution. This amount is a breath of air, as we hope more will follow this initiative”

The Foundation faces critical financial difficulties, as their running expenses are doubled in relation to their income, due to the specialized services they offer. Agios Georgios – Christakis Chasapis foundation is in grave danger of suspending operations. Their lack of funds and volunteers makes their daily tasks even harder. It is our duty as a society to identify social problems and act towards their resolution.

It has become a mission for Quality Group to acknowledge the needs of the local community. With this act, Quality Group aims to help the foundation that services disabled people, to acquire financial resources by providing support that enhances their skills, education and quality of life.

Anyone who is interested in supporting, donating or becoming a volunteer of the foundation can reach to Mr. Christakis Mallas at 99634780

T: 8000 7766
+357 24 821855

E: [email protected]

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