Quality Group has an obligation to act responsibly, manage risk, and do all that we can to create the best outcomes for the community. As an organisation we:

  • Operate honourably and with integrity, both with our clients and vendors within our community
  • Maintain confidentiality in all of our client’s relationships
  • Comply with all governmental regulations and requirements
  • Ensure adherence to AML regulations and guidelines
  • Attend events and forums to learn and enact industry best practices
  • Plan for future growth and ROI
  • Maintain our unmatched reputation in every market in which we operate

Corporate Social Responsibility

Quality Group has pledged from its beginnings to have a positive impact on our society through its business and has made corporate social responsibility (CSR) one of its most important priorities.

Quality Group is committed to contributing to a more humane society and to offering economic, environmental, cultural and social benefits to every community in which it operates.

Over the years, Quality Group has raised funds and donated to various institutions and foundations that fight to improve children’s health and the lives of the less fortunate, sponsored numerous cultural events and promised to contribute to transforming Larnaca into a sustainable green city.

Quality Group will continue to pursue the act of giving back to society as the company makes every effort to keep addressing such issues, with the hope that others will follow its initiatives.


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E: info@qualitydevelopments.com

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