With Cyprus being one of the most reputable travel destinations in Europe, it is inevitable that the tourism industry has a crucial role to play in the Cypriot economy. Tourism is without a doubt a driving force of the island's rapidly developing economy.

In 2017 total tourist arrivals reached over 3.6 million, marking a 15% increase from the previous year. It was proven to be a milestone and a record-breaking year as the contribution to the economy reached €2.6 billion by November 2017.

2018 was even greater, with tourist arrivals between January and May showing an increased rate of 14.5% in comparison to the same period in 2017.

Supporting these impressive figures has also been the country’s return to a strong economic growth of almost 4%, and a renewed investor confidence that has resulted in significant funds owing to tourism infrastructure, such as luxury marina and hotel developments, as well the island’s first and only integrated casino resort – a €550 million project that broke ground in June 2018 and represents the biggest investment project undertaken in Cyprus (CYPRUS PROFILE REPORT – 2018).

Summer is the high season, and the county’s beaches are crowded with sun seekers and water-sports enthusiasts from all over the world from early spring to late autumn. For the 12th year in a row, a 2018 report has once again ranked Cyprus as first in Europe for the number of Blue Flag beaches, which are now 64.

The mild Cypriot winters are the perfect time to visit the country’s archaeology and art museums, UNESCO churches, Troodos mountains, bustling waterfront cafes and incredible restaurants.

The weather conditions and the ideal location give ground for sports, business and medical tourism to grow.

Larnaca Tourism Analysis

In general, the tourist arrivals in Cyprus have kept rising every year since 2013. In 2017, 3.7 million tourists visited the country, marking a record-breaking year. This increase is still on the rise, as the statistical service documented a 7.7% increase for December 2018 in comparison to the corresponding month of 2017.

Following the strong increase of tourist arrivals, with an 11.4% in 2016, Larnaca keeps showing positive margins.

Over the last 3 years, Larnaca has shown very positive numbers in tourist’s arrivals, with the most remarkable in 2016, documenting a 11,4% of total tourist’s arrivals in Cyprus.

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